About us

About us

If you‘re going to visit Russia, you need to organize your trip carefully. Our company will help you with the organization, it will significantly save you time and make your trip as comfortable as possible and give you unforgettable impressions.

We are able to provide package tours including such services as: visa support, hotel reservation, guide service in any language, transportation service, booking museum/theater tickets etc. 

PRESIDENT TOUR is an inbound tour operator, having a special certificate, given by Russian Federal Tourism Agency.

The individual approach 

One of the major principles of our company is an individual approach to every client. We take into account all requirements of our clients to make a unique trip to main Russian cities, including Saint-Petersburg.

If you want to travel in comfort and enjoy magnificent sights, without staying in stuffy lines, please, write to us and we will arrange for you the journey of your dreams.

Our clients are people who appreciate their time and prefer getting only the best.

Business events

The PRESIDENT TOUR company is the active participant of many cultural and business events are held in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow. Taking part in many high-level events, we can keep up with the latest trends of tourism and maintain the highest level of service.