Creative Petersburg is a city of craftsmen!

General description:

A fascinating story about the culture of the artisans of our city awaits you. In addition, interactive moments await you: a fascinating game tour in the Russian Ethnographic Museum and a master class on painting and crafts in St. Petersburg province from the Creative Space Gallery "Line of Masters".

Brief description of the program with timing:

10.00 Gathering the group at metro Vladimirskaya, meeting with the guide. A story about the creation of the idea of ​​handicraft in our beautiful city on the example of the House of the St. Petersburg Handicraft Society.

10.30 Drive along Liteiny Prospekt with a story about Liteiny Dvor. At the Foundry yard there was a smithy, a locksmith, a gun carriage, a lathe, a soldering, a carpentry and other workshops, where carriages, charging boxes, wagons, horse harness were made, bells were cast. A pier was built on the Neva River in 1716.

11.15 Stop at the St. Petersburg State Academy of Arts and Industry. A. L. Stieglitz - one of the oldest Russian higher educational institutions, leading the training of specialists in the field of fine, decorative and applied arts and design.

11.45 Visiting the Russian Ethnographic Museum as part of the author's game excursion "Well done and seventy arts are not enough!" Visitors get acquainted with the traditional crafts and crafts of the St. Petersburg province and Russia at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries.

A trip to the exposition of the largest ethnographic museum in Russia will expand the ideas of children and adults about Russian history and culture, demonstrate the unique beauty and value of national crafts of various regions of Russia and neighboring states. The tour includes fairytale stories, folk games, riddles and quizzes for curious travelers through the museum.

The excursion covers expositions: "Russians", "Peoples of the North-West of Russia and the Baltic States", as well as "Peoples of Central Asia and Kazakhstan", "Peoples of the South Caucasus", with the main focus on the development of handicrafts in the North-West.

12.50 Transfer to Vasilievsky Island, visiting the Kozhevennaya Line of Vasilievsky Island. The name is associated with leather production. At the end of the 18th century, here, on the site adjacent to the Neva, the first private tanneries appeared, and then factories.

13.10 - 14.00 After us an exciting master class awaits, a real involvement in the fishing culture of the Petersburg province. Among the traditional crafts of the Northwest, art painting on wood was especially prominent. And we have the opportunity to learn about interesting features, unique technique and secrets of painting, and most importantly, become direct participants in the artistic process ourselves and make a souvenir with our own hands!

The master class is held by the creative space "The Line of Masters", which is an interactive platform for such enterprises as "Volkhovskaya painting" and "Shugazerskaya painting", the only enterprises in the Northwest that passed through the expert council of the Russian Ethnographic Museum, having received the status of folk art enterprises crafts.

14.00 End of the program.

The cost of the program is from 2700 Russian rubles per person, subject to a group of at least 15 people.

The cost of the program includes: excursion and transport services, entrance tickets to museums, a painting master class.

Attention: admission to the excursion program is possible only if there is a QR code confirming the vaccination. We do our best to make your stay as comfortable and safe as possible!